GoodHub Platforms Limited/GoodHub “User” Terms and Conditions

GOODHUB.COM is a trading name of GoodHub Platforms Limited (“GoodHub”) (company number 10702553), registered in England, and has its registered office at 19-21 Chapel Street, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England, SL7 3HN. GoodHub Platforms Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 777371). We are registered with the office of the information commissioner (no. ZA290916) for data protection purposes.

Where the term “Organisation” is used in these Terms and Conditions, that term will equally apply to any connected entity registering a campaign on behalf of an Organisation. In the case of a school for example, a Parent-Teacher Association or Friends Association, or similar.

Where the term “User” is used in these Terms and Conditions, that term will apply to a donor or ticket purchaser. The terms “user”, “donor” and “purchaser” are interchangeable.


These Terms and Conditions may change or be updated from time to time. It remains your responsibility to access and check these Terms and Conditions wherever you access the website. The latest version of these Terms and Conditions will govern any future usage by you of the website and its associated services. The date on which these Terms and Conditions were last updated is stated at the end of this document. is a website which facilitates the Donation transaction between a crowdfunding page organiser and donors, or between any user and an Organisation.


These User Terms set out the donator’s and GoodHub Platforms Limited’s obligations with respect to the user’s use of

In addition to these user terms, the user agrees to other terms when using


The user must:

  1. be an individual over 13 years old, or a corporate body.
  2. have a UK bank or building society account in the donor’s sole or joint name.
  3. be approved by
  4. The user must not register with GoodHub Platforms Limited more than once.
  5. GoodHub Platforms Limited may restrict the user’s access to, if the donor ceases to be eligible.


The username (which is the user’s email address) and the password chosen by the user provide access to the user’s area of


The information contained in the Organisation’s crowdfunding page is provided by the Organisation and GoodHub Platforms Limited does not check the accuracy or completeness of this information. The Organisation may answer questions or provide more information in the Q&A forum on

The Organisation may make statements in the Organisation crowdfunding page (including in a video clip) conveying the Organisation’s ambitions. GoodHub Platforms Limited does not endorse these statements and does not have a view on how likely they are to be realised (if at all).

GoodHub Platforms Limited may provide crew and equipment to assist the Organisation with filming a video clip, but GoodHub Platforms Limited does not endorse any video clip.

GoodHub Platforms Limited does not check that the information in the Organisation crowdfunding page or the forum has not changed.


GoodHub Platforms Limited does not charge the user for making a donation or ticket purchase.

GoodHub Platforms Limited may charge fees to the Organisation. Fees charged may include, but are not limited to, a service charge and/or a payment processing fee.

GoodHub may provide an option for the user to pay any or all of the fees on behalf of the Organisation, or to add a voluntary contribution towards GoodHub’s costs.

The user has complete discretion to choose whether to cover these fees or add a voluntary contribution.

Should the user choose to cover these fees, then they cannot be refunded to the user in any circumstances.

All fees and charges are quoted exclusive of VAT, which will be added at the appropriate rate (where applicable).


GoodHub Platforms Limited may restrict the user’s access to if:

  1. the user requests it, for example because there is a security concern.
  2. GoodHub Platforms Limited considers that the user is in serious breach of these user terms, the website terms or the forum rules.
  3. the user uses (1) in a way that causes, or is likely to cause, or access to it to be interrupted or damaged in any way, (2) to compete with, damage the reputation of or otherwise impede the success of GoodHub Platforms Limited, or any other user of, (3) in connection with a criminal offence, or (4) to send or use any material that is illegal, offensive, abusive, defamatory or menacing, or which contains political campaigning, commercial solicitation, chain letters, or mass mailings.


The user is liable to GoodHub Platforms Limited for any loss or damage suffered by GoodHub Platforms Limited or any user of as a result of the user (or a person using the user’s username and password with the user’s knowledge or permission or through the user’s negligence):

  1. using in a way that is fraudulent.
  2. breaching these user terms.
  3. otherwise using in a way that causes loss or damage to GoodHub Platforms Limited or any other user of

GoodHub Platforms Limited’S LIABILITY TO THE USER

GoodHub Platforms Limited is liable to the user for any loss, damage or cost suffered by the user arising out of using, where the loss or damage is a direct result of GoodHub Platforms Limited’s negligence or fraud or any breach by GoodHub Platforms Limited of these user terms or any other terms relating to

GoodHub Platforms Limited is not liable to the user for any loss, damage or cost arising out of or in connection with any misrepresentation, wilful misconduct or other act of, or any error or inaccuracy in the data entered by, any other user of

GoodHub Platforms Limited is not liable for any loss, damage, cost or unauthorised activity on arising out of the user failing to keep the user’s password secret, failing to log out of the user’s account or otherwise negligently failing to keep the user’s access secure.

Nothing in these user terms excludes or limits GoodHub Platforms Limited’s liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or for fraud.


GoodHub Platforms Limited may transfer, or delegate any of its duties under, these user terms to any person. GoodHub Platforms Limited may provide information about the user and the user’s activities on to that person.


GoodHub Platforms Limited may amend these user terms from time to time and need not give the user advance notice of the amendments.

If GoodHub Platforms Limited amends these user terms, the next time the user logs in to the user will be notified of the changes and the date from which the amendments were effective.

If the user does not approve the amendments the user should immediately notify GoodHub Platforms Limited using the ‘contact’ form, by phone: 01225 312388, or by post to Customer Services, Bath and County Buildings, Queens Parade, Bath, BA1 2NJ. GoodHub Platforms Limited will treat the user’s notification as a request to restrict the user’s registration with


All notices given under these user terms or any other terms relating to must be in writing and in English.

GoodHub Platforms Limited may deliver a notice to the user by placing a message on the user’s area of or by email or post to the contact details last known to

A notice from GoodHub Platforms Limited will be effective at the time of placing a message on or sending an email, or on the second business day after posting. A business day is a weekday other than a national holiday.

A notice from the user to GoodHub Platforms Limited must be sent via the ‘contact’ form, or by post to Customer Services, Bath and County Buildings, Queens Parade, Bath, BA1 2NJ. Notices to GoodHub Platforms Limited will be effective on receipt.


Complaints must be made in writing to Customer Services, Bath and County Buildings, Queens Parade, Bath, BA1 2NJ. Notices to GoodHub Platforms Limited will be effective on receipt.


If GoodHub Platforms Limited does not enforce any of its rights under these user terms or any other terms relating to, it does not mean that GoodHub Platforms Limited will be unable to enforce that right in future.


A person who is not a party to these user terms may not enforce any of these terms.


These user terms and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with are governed by English law and the English courts have exclusive jurisdiction.

For the benefit of GoodHub Platforms Limited the user irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the English courts and irrevocably agrees that a ruling in those courts will be conclusive and binding on the user and may be enforced against the user in the courts of any other jurisdiction.


Your donation is a gift to the recipient.

Subject to the requirements of applicable local laws, and what we say below in relation to, once your donation is made, it will only be refunded to you with the prior written consent of the Organisation to whom it has been made, regardless of whether or not the donation had been paid to the Organisation by You should therefore get in touch with the Organisation first.

Before a donation is refunded, the relevant Organisation must agree that GoodHub Platforms Limited may, subject to local applicable laws, deduct the amount to be refunded from subsequent payments to be made by GoodHub Platforms Limited to the Organisation. Where no further payments are due to be made to such Organisation within one (1) week of the refund being made to you, GoodHub Platforms Limited reserves the right to invoice the Organisation for the amount of the refund and the Organisation must agree to settle that invoice within one (1) week of the date of the invoice.

In relation to, GoodHub Platforms Limited will charge your donation to your payment card account (or other payment method available on the website) at the time of donating. For donations made to no refunds will be provided, subject to applicable local laws. If you do not agree to this, you should not use the website to make donations via


GoodHub Platforms Limited does not warrant that your donations will be used for any particular purpose and shall not be responsible for any dissatisfaction you may have regarding the recipient Organisation’s use of any donation you may make through the website or its associated services or websites powered by us or for any misuse or non-use of such donations by the recipient Organisation.

After donations are made, all further dealings are solely between the donor and such recipient. Please note that you may receive updates from GoodHub, the Organisation or the principal applicant to let you know more about their cause.

Please note that recipient Organisations reserves the right to use your donation for their general purposes. They will use your donation for any purpose in accordance with their own rules. GoodHub Platforms Limited cannot guarantee that funds will be earmarked for a particular appeal. If you want your donation to be used for a specific purpose or for a particular appeal you should contact the organisation and make your donation directly to them.

GoodHub Platforms Limited (or any payments platform we work with) will verify the identity of an Organisation’s principal applicant and undertake any other necessary checks before any funds raised are transferred to the organisation.

GoodHub Platforms Limited shall have no liability to donors whatsoever for any use or misuse of donations made to the Organisation. The campaign page may state that they will use donations only for specific purposes, but GoodHub Platforms Limited cannot guarantee that they will use it for such purpose. If you have any doubts as to how the money will be spent, then you should contact the Organisation or the principal applicant directly to seek reassurance. It is your sole responsibility, as a user of the website, to ensure that the cause stated to be supported on a relevant campaign page is one that you wish to support.


If we are unable to transfer you donation to your preferred charity or non-profit for any reason whatsoever, then GoodHub may re-appropriate the relevant funds at its discretion. Circumstances include but are not limited to:

  • a charity or non-profit is registered on GoodHub but has not provided its bank details within twelve months after registration, or
  • where the nominated recipient charity or non-profit is NOT registered with GoodHub at the point of donation and subsequently chooses not to register on GoodHub or provide bank details for the transfer of funds within twelve months after the date that the donation is made.

For the purposes of this section, the right to “re-appropriate funds” shall mean the right for GoodHub to use or apply the relevant monies as GoodHub determines at its sole discretion including, without limitation, making donations to other charities or non-profits, enhancing other donations, or for its internal business purposes (including retaining the funds).


When you make a donation, the transaction is final and not disputable unless unauthorised use of your payment card or other payment method is proved. If you become aware of fraudulent use of your card, or if it is lost or stolen, you must notify your card provider in accordance with its reporting rules. Similarly, if you experience any issues of this nature when using another payment method, you should contact the provider of that payment method for assistance.

GoodHub Platforms Limited will never email or phone you and ask you to provide all of your payment details.


When you donate to an Organisation or charity on the website and confirm that you are a UK taxpayer in accordance with the requirements of the Gift Aid scheme as they apply from time to time, GoodHub Platforms Limited reclaims Gift Aid on behalf of the charity under the Gift Aid scheme.

GoodHub Platforms Limited is not an accounting, taxation or financial advisor, and you should not rely on information given on the website to determine the accounting, tax or financial consequences of making a donation to charity. We strongly recommend that you consult your own adviser(s) about any accounting, taxation or financial consequences that may affect you.

Every charity that is a member of has a contractual agreement with GoodHub Platforms Limited authorising it to reclaim Gift Aid on its behalf. Charities must be registered with the Charity Commission or exempt from registration for GoodHub Platforms Limited to reclaim Gift Aid on their behalf.


The additional definitions apply to GoodHub’s Ticketed Event feature:

  • Event: refers to an event advertised on the site and created by an organiser after accepting the Terms.
  • Organiser: refers to the person who has created an account with GoodHub, accepted the terms and conditions and creates events on the site.
  • Purchaser: refers to the person who has created an account with GoodHub, accepted the terms and conditions and intends to use GoodHub’s services to purchase tickets.


GoodHub is not responsible for the organisers’ submitted content. Organisers are required to submit real information and keep it updated for the other purchasers. All activity under their account and content posted on the event is their responsibility.


It is the organiser’s responsibility to notify purchasers if there is a rescheduling, cancellation or other issue linked to their event.

GoodHub does not guarantee or warrant that any specific event will occur at any specific time. All use of the GoodHub site is “as is” without any warranty of any kind. The purchaser uses this site at their risk.


It is the organiser’s responsibility to inform the buyer of the refund policy and issue the refunds. When transacting on the site the organiser’s refund policy applies to you; you may not be reimbursed should the event be cancelled.

GoodHub may request a refund from the organisers for any reason including but not limited to when suspecting fraudulent behaviour or misrepresentation.


Where a user adds a donation to their ticket purchase then the donation is deemed to be a discrete transaction and the terms and conditions for a donation will apply to the donation part of the aggregate purchase and donation transaction.

Last Updated: 29th August 2023