There have been some wonderful festive fundraisers starting on our platform recently – including Santa runs, reindeer runs, and Christmas school shows. We are proud to support community organisations and provide a space dedicated to helping you achieve your fundraising goals. 

With the New Year just around the corner, many organisations in our community are also planning ahead and gearing up to launch their 2022 fundraisers.  

If you’re looking for inspiration for fundraisers to kick off the new year, we recommend:

New Year’s fun run

Bring your community and their families together for a fun run or walk. Choose a safe local space with a reasonable distance for all ages, and for some extra fun, encourage attendees to wear fancy dress.  

Sherlock Holmes mystery themed evening 

Sherlock Holmes’ birthday is on 6 January, and it is the perfect opportunity to host a crime-solving evening with hidden clues and your team as the suspects. Choose a light-hearted crime to keep the event family-friendly, such as who stole Sherlock Holmes’ birthday cake. 

Tea party for National Tea Day on 12 January

Suitable for all ages, a tea party can be a lovely opportunity for your community to come together and bring baked goods and homemade soft drinks. Have one big tea party for all attendees, or to keep the event more covid-safe, host a few smaller tea mornings with fewer people at a time. 

Bake off for National Blonde Brownie Day on 22 January

Put your community’s baking skills to the test and host a friendly competition to see who makes the best blonde brownies. To raise some extra money for your cause, you can hold a bake sale afterwards. We recommend asking any entries with nuts to be clearly labelled, or asking for nuts to be excluded from entries altogether if needed. 

Dinosaur drawing competition for Draw a Dinosaur Day on 30 January

For a covid-safe event that can be done from home, draw a Dinosaur Day can provide a great opportunity for children in your community to either draw their best dinosaur, or for some extra creativity, come up with a completely new dinosaur and why it hasn’t been discovered yet.  

Pizza Party for National Pizza Day on 9 February

Host a ‘make your own’ pizza party for all ages in your community. For some extra fun, have a friendly competition for who can make the most creative design with the toppings. 

All of these, and more, can be easily set up on our platform, and our team are available to support you every step of the way. If you need some guidance on how best to publicise your fundraising campaign on social media, read our top tips here. 

Our GoodHub team wish you the very best for the holiday season, and a happy new year! We look forward to fundraising with you soon.