Whether you are raising funds for new facilities at your school to provide the best education possible, raising funds for your church or faith organisation to enable you to best deliver your pastoral care, or raising funds for a charity or sports club to help give back to the local community, GoodHub can help you to reach, and exceed, your fundraising goals. 

No hidden or fixed charges 

We believe in keeping our fees simple and transparent. We know that every penny counts so there is no set-up fee to get started with us, and no subscription fee to stay. This is designed with local community organisations in mind, so we only charge on what you actually raise. That’s fair, right? 

How do we make money to run our platform?

We offer two options to run a fundraising campaign on our platform: Premium and Essentials. 

GoodHub ‘Premium’ provides everything you need to fully engage your whole community in supporting your fundraising efforts, with a wealth of content, photos, and videos, and a suite full of features such as mini-campaigns. A dedicated campaign manager is also on hand to provide expert advice and support maximise your fundraising success. The fee for this option is just 5% of funds raised, including Gift Aid where applicable. 

With ‘Essentials’ we provide the tools you need to run your own basic campaign. The fee for this option is 3% of funds raised. 

Whichever option you choose, there is an additional small processing charge of 1.5% of the money raised only.

Prioritising transparency with donators

We never ask donators for a ‘tip’ or use misleading language to represent ourselves as a non-profit. We are a small business, and as such we do have overheads and staff to pay, but honestly it is very important to us in how this is represented.

We tell every donator exactly how much our fees are for their donation, and we offer them the option to cover this fee on your behalf if they choose, so that you can receive 100% of their original contribution.

This is completely discretionary and GoodHub earns the same fee whether the donator chooses to cover it or not. However, take up is typically high, which means that you can receive more of the funds raised. If all donators chose this option, your fee for Premium could be as low as just 1.5% for our processing fee only.

Calculating value  

To see a real example of how this would work out, let’s use an example of a typical campaign that has raised £8,000 in money donations and £2,000 in Gift Aid, so £10,000 in total.

Our processing fee of 1.5% of the money donations is £120.

The charge for Premium is 5% of what is raised (not accounting for any donators choosing to cover part of the fee), which is £500, so the total fees for this campaign are £620.

If 70% of donators* take up our “Donator Pays the Fee” option, then the net fees to you are £186 and you receive £9,814 – and remember, take up is typically high!

For our ongoing fundraisers with no set end date, this is calculated on a continual basis according to what is raised.

Virgin Money Giving closes on 30th November.

Virgin Money Giving closes on 30th November. After this, Virgin will stop accepting donations and your fundraising page will close automatically.

If you have fundraising planned beyond 30 November 2021, now’s the time to find a different platform. Click here to find out more about how GoodHub compares.

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