Even small, regular donations can make a difference over time. Here’s why setting up recurring donations on a charity fundraising platform is such a good idea.

Perks of Recurring Donations on Charity Fundraising Platforms

Maximising Your Impact

When you set up recurring donations, you’re giving charities reliable support they can plan around. This steady stream helps them tackle long-term projects and issues, not just quick fixes. Your regular donations become a key part of creating lasting change.

Simplified Giving

Life is busy, and sometimes remembering to donate slips through the cracks. Recurring donations make it easy. Once you set it up, the platform takes care of everything for you. This way, you can support your favourite cause without remembering each month.

Budget-Friendly Contributions

A large one-time donation can be tough on your wallet. Recurring donations let you spread out your giving, making it easier to manage. Regular small donations can make an impact over time, easily fitting into your budget without causing financial strain.

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Building a Deeper Connection

Regular support can help you feel more connected to the charity and its mission. Platforms often update recurring donors with newsletters and impact reports to show how their donations make a difference. This ongoing relationship can be very fulfilling.

Empowering Charities with Predictable Income

For charities, predictable income means they can operate more efficiently. They can allocate resources better, invest in long-term projects, and respond to crises more effectively. Steady donations help fundraising teams focus on their mission rather than constantly chasing funds.

Encouraging Community and Collective Impact

Knowing that others are also giving regularly can be really motivating. Recurring donations create a sense of community among donors. When many people contribute small, consistent amounts, it adds up to significant change.

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How to Give Recurring Donations with GoodHub

Getting started with recurring donations is easy, and it can make a huge difference for the causes you care about. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set it up:

Step 1: Choose the Charity You Want to Support

If you don’t already have a charity in mind you’d like to support, browse GoodHub’s charity, fundraisers and campaigns page to find the one you’d like to donate to.

Step 2: Set the Donation Amount

Decide how much you want to donate each month. This amount should be something you’re comfortable giving regularly. You can set up a date for your next donation to be collected each month.

You can also add a small percentage contribution to our platform to help us support more charities and non-profits. Remember, even small amounts add up over time and can make a significant impact.

Step 3: Claim Gift Aid (optional)

If you’re a UK taxpayer, you can claim Gift Aid on your donations at no extra cost, meaning 25p will be added for every pound you donate. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Gift Aid, check out our helpful blog GoodHub’s Ultimate Guide to Gift Aid.

Step 4: Manage Donations

Once you have selected the amount and date of your recurring donation, you can create a profile on our platform, so you can log in at any time and manage your regular donations. This flexibility ensures your donations remain convenient and manageable.

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Fundraising Made Easy with GoodHub

At GoodHub, we aim to provide you with a fundraising platform that redefines what it means to give.

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Give Better with GoodHub

GoodHub makes scheduling regular donations a breeze. You have full control and can change your donation settings anytime:

  • Simple Setup: Choose your charity, set the amount and frequency, and enter your payment details.
  • Full Control: Adjust your donation settings anytime, ensuring your contributions fit your lifestyle.
  • Stay Informed: Receive regular updates on the impact of your donations, keeping you connected to the cause.
  • Community Impact: Join a community of committed donors making a significant difference together.

Hop onto the GoodHub platform today or reach out to our friendly support team for assistance. Start making a lasting impact with ease and convenience.