“Like many small charities it has been a difficult year for us, with all of our regular fundraising cancelled. We have had to diversify and think of other ways to make sure we can keep supporting our school.” 

This year, the PTA organised an Easter Sponsorship challenge to raise funds for 54 new laptops and a purpose-built outdoor classroom. This event was part of a larger project, the Lakefield £10,000 Challenge. 

Why was this fundraiser important?

The goal was to be able to provide all junior pupils with a laptop when they begin year 4, which would continue with them until they leave the school in year 6, significantly increasing their access to technology and learning opportunities.  

This would also contribute towards the school’s goal to reduce the digital divide between pupils from households of different incomes, and provide equal access to all children of digital systems, resources, and equality of opportunity. 

In addition, the outdoor classroom would be built for the pupils in infant school to access, providing the opportunity to extend learning outdoors and utilising the natural environment and a wider range of learning resources. 

How were funds raised?

Making full use of the leaderboard feature on our fundraising platform, Lakefield PTA invited pupils to start their own sponsorship pages to branch out from their main fundraising campaign page to raise money for anything they like – whether it was learning a new skill, developing an old skill with new challenges, or just doing something they love.  

Exceeding the fundraising target

This fundraiser proved to be very popular with the pupils and was a huge success! The total amount raised was £8,362.50. This is an incredible 836% of the target! 

Lakefield School PTA received £6,905 in donations, and £1,457.50 in Gift Aid – which, as a registered charity, we were able to collect and send on the school’s behalf.

At InvestMyCommunity, we are delighted that Lakefield School PTA have had so much success using our platform, and we wish them all the best for their next fundraising campaign.