With all these, eggcelent ideas, there’s no eggs-cuses for not starting a digital fundraising campaign with InvestMyCommunity.

At InvestMyCommunity, we’ve thought of a few Easter fundraising
ideas to get you cracking. (Will these puns ever end?)

  • Bunny Run. A sponsored Easter run, scoot, walk or hop around your town for that all important eggercise while raising money for your organisation. You can dress up as a bunny (or even an egg – just don’t run in a chocolate egg as it may melt!).
  • An Easter Sponsored Read-a-thon. Read your favourite Harry Potter, Jeff Kinney or Roald Dahl within a certain time period or pay a ‘penalty’. Read through the night and make the story fit the mood for extra fun and creativity.
  • “Chick Out Those Outfits”. A remote fashion show amongst friends to show off their latest Spring/Summer outfits with the best ones winning a prize.
  • “Bunny Dance Hop”.
    Bust a bunny move with all your remote dancer dressed in home made
    costumes. The best movers win prizes. Charge a little money on our
    platform for participants to enter.
  • Feast on Easter Pizza Cook-Off. Bake your own pizza or other baked goods (cakes, cookies, etc) and host a competition to find the best bakers and most creative decorators.
  • Easter Egg Toss. An egg is thrown between 2 people, the distance between them increasing each time a successful catch is made. The winner is the longest completed throw without the egg being broken or dropped. This could be a great focal point for a special Easter event (fancy dress would add to the fun!) or just as a simple fundraiser alongside something else.
  • Virtual Easter Egg Hunt (see below). You might also like to get your fundraisers to enter our competition. The organisation that sets up a campaign and is the first to spot all the eggs in the picture will receive fee free fundraising on the first £5,000 they raise in their campaign*.

Competition prize draw: We still have a few yolks left, can you find them?

Here’s a little challenge to make your virtual fundraising fun.
If, once you’ve set up your InvestMyCommunity fundraising campaign, you find all the Easter eggs hidden in the picture above and then email marketing@investmycommunity.com telling us all the locations, you will be entered into a draw to receive fee-free fundraising on the first £5,000 of funds raised on our platform.* 

Clue: Easter eggs in baskets don’t count.
You could even get your friends and family to enter too! There’s no limit to the number of entries provided they tell us which fundraising campaign the fee credit will go to.  We promise to stop will all the Easter yolks, we know it’s just not bunny anymore.