1. Have a clear fundraising goal in mind

Without a shadow of a doubt, our most successful campaigns are those that are clear about why they’re raising money. We’ve also added a new section onto the campaign page so that you can add this information.

2. Consider longer-term fundraising projects rather than short-term one-off raises

One of our big observations in 2020 is that increasing numbers of organisations are opting to run their campaigns for longer periods rather than shorter periods. This offers many advantages, but the main one is that by having a longer-term fundraising presence, you can build relationships with your donators and make them feel truly part of your campaign.

3. Think about Regular Giving

Regular Giving is a fantastic way to build some predictability into your digital fundraising efforts. While paper fundraising is all well and good, using a platform like InvestMyCommunity means that donators can set up a regular monthly donation to support your longer-term fundraising goals.

4. Don’t forget “Donator Pays the Fee”

We typically find that 70%, even more, of donators are willing to pay that little bit extra to ensure that our fee is covered and the campaign gets the full value of its donations. Why not add this to your campaign description as a polite reminder?

5. Claim your Gift Aid

If your organisation is a registered charity and your donators are taxpayers, they can offer to include Gift Aid in their donations. Automatically, that adds 25% to the value of a donation – a huge lift for any campaign. Get in touch with us if you would like any further advice on setting up a “Gift Aid friendly” campaign.

6. Get creative in 2021

Fundraising should be fun: it’s in the name after all, so why not talk to us about adding some creativity to your 2021 efforts. We have experts in campaign and content development on hand to help amplify your success.

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