Easter also brings with it some brilliant opportunities to fundraise in fun and creative ways. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing some of our experts’ fundraising tips on how to make the most of this opportunity and raise money for your cause. From easy fundraising ideas that you can run in-person or virtually, to Easter events specific to schools and congregations, we’re here to help! 

Below we have included some fundraising ideas for all ages to help you get started: 

1. Easter egg hunt 

A classic! This is the perfect opportunity to get families involved with your fundraising. You can also have refreshments and seating for parents to relax while their kids go egg hunting. Look out for our upcoming blog that will provide a checklist to make your Easter egg hunt a success! This will be published a little closer to Easter Sunday. 

2. Easter wreath making competition  

This is a wonderful event for all ages, and can be done in-person or virtually to be covid-safe. Provide art and craft supplies for participants to make their own unique wreaths, and award chocolatey prizes for different categories, such as the most creative or the most stylish. 

3. Tea party with the Easter Bunny 

For another option that can be done either in-person or virtually, set up a tea party with the Easter Bunny! Either space out some tables in a hall (or outside if the sun is shining) or give your bunny a lovely spread that can be seen on camera for people joining in from home. Hire a local actor (or if you have a willing volunteer from your organisation or community, even better!) and enjoy tea and cake, read a story, and have a sing-along. 

4. Easter bake off and bake sale 

Fun for all ages, this is a great way for your community to show their creativity. Participants can bring along their best baked goods to be judged on taste, presentation, and how Easter-themed they are. Winners can get a prize and, to raise some extra money for your cause, you can host a bake sale at the same time for all entries to be tried by everyone. 

5. Egg decorating party 

Another classic! You can’t go wrong by hosting an egg decorating party. Provide eggs, paints, and other decorations like colourful feathers and glitter (eco-friendly if possible!) and let your community make some amazing creations! Either turn it into a competition with prizes for the most unique, fun, or Easter-themed eggs, or leave it just as a friendly get together for people to take part in and enjoy. 

Remember, fundraising pages for all of these events can be easily set up on our website below. We look forward to fundraising with you!