Finder reported that people spent over £1 billion on celebrations, decorations, or costumes in 2023.

Whilst we’re down for spooktacular costumes and crazy pumpkin decorations, here at GoodHub we’d much rather see your charity benefit with our top 10 Halloween Fundraising Ideas.

halloween fundraising ideas

Halloween Fundraising Idea 1: Scarecrow Trails

A Scarecrow Trail is when people create scarecrows and place them in various locations such as schools, parks, and gardens. The scarecrows are displayed for others to see and enjoy.

This tradition of making scarecrows is popular in different communities. It is a fun way for people to showcase their creativity and celebrate the fall season. Visitors can follow a map to find each scarecrow and vote for their favourites.

To raise funds, you can charge an entry fee for each scarecrow display, sell trail maps, and offer voting tokens at a small cost. Additionally, local businesses might sponsor scarecrows or donate prizes, adding an extra layer of community involvement and support.

Halloween Fundraising Idea 2: Fancy Dress Competition

A Halloween fancy dress competition is another great way to engage your community. Participants can showcase their best costumes in various categories such as scariest, funniest, most original, and best group costumes.

This event can raise funds by charging a small entry fee for participants and spectators. To boost the fundraiser, you can sell refreshments, Halloween-themed snacks, and accessories. Securing prizes from local businesses can also encourage more participation and make the competition even more exciting.

Halloween Fundraising Idea 3: Halloween Disco

Hosting a Halloween-themed disco night can be a hit among people of all ages. Prepare a fun and spooky evening with decorations, a DJ, and activities like a haunted photo booth and costume runway.

You can raise funds by selling tickets in advance and at the door. You can set up a face painting booth at the event. You can also hold a raffle with donated prizes. These activities will make the event more enjoyable and help raise funds.

halloween fundraising ideas

Halloween Fundraising Idea 4: Pumpkin Carving Contest

Organising a pumpkin carving contest is another creative way to engage the community. Participants can showcase their artistic talents by carving pumpkins.

You can provide the pumpkins or ask participants to bring their own. To raise funds, charge an entry fee for the contest and sell carving kits and refreshments.

Halloween Fundraising Idea 5: Haunted House Experience

Transforming part of the school into a haunted house can create an unforgettable experience. You can reach out to volunteers to help you set up spooky scenes and play the roles of ghosts and ghouls.

You can raise funds by selling tickets for entry. Improve the haunted house by adding a booth with themed items. Allow people to take photos with “monsters” after the tour. This will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Halloween Fundraising Idea 6: Spooky Story Night

A spooky story night can bring the community together in a cosy, eerie atmosphere. Participants and local authors can share their favourite scary tales in a setting with dim lighting and spooky decorations.

To raise funds, charge an admission fee and sell refreshments like hot chocolate, apple cider, and Halloween treats. Additionally, consider selling books or eBooks, adding an educational twist to the spooky fun.

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Halloween Fundraising Idea 7: Zombie Fun Run

A zombie fun run combines fitness and Halloween thrills. Participants can dress and navigate through a course with “zombie” volunteers trying to tag them.

To raise funds, charge a registration fee for runners and sell zombie makeup kits, t-shirts, and other themed merchandise. You can also seek sponsorships from local businesses to further support the event.

Halloween Fundraising Idea 8: Bake Sale

A Halloween-themed bake sale is always a crowd-pleaser. Encourage participants to bake spooky-themed treats such as spider cupcakes, ghost cookies, and pumpkin pies.

Set up stalls at the school or in a local community centre where people can buy these delightful goodies. To raise more money, you can hold a baking contest with prizes for the most creative and delicious treats. Charge a fee for people who want to participate or watch.

Halloween Fundraising Idea 9: Movie Night

Consider hosting a Halloween movie night. Transform the school hall into a cosy cinema with bean bags and blankets, screening classic Halloween films suitable for various age groups.

Sell tickets for entry and offer a selection of snacks and drinks, such as popcorn and hot chocolate.

Halloween Fundraising Idea 10: Craft Fair

A Halloween craft fair is another excellent idea to consider. Set up stalls where children and adults can make their own Halloween decorations, masks, and other spooky crafts.

Charge a small fee for each craft activity and sell craft kits for participants to take home. You could also invite local artisans to sell their Halloween-themed goods, charging them a small fee for their stall. This event not only raises funds but also encourages creativity and community interaction.

Tips for a Successful Halloween Fundraiser

  • Start Early: The sooner you begin planning, the more time you have to secure venues, volunteers, and sponsors.
  • Promote Widely: Use social media, school newsletters, and local community boards to get the word out.
  • Engage the Community: Involve local businesses by offering sponsorship opportunities or asking for prize donations.
  • Safety First: Ensure all activities are safe and have appropriate supervision, especially if children are participating.
  • Have Fun: The spirit of Halloween is all about fun. Encourage creativity and make sure the event is enjoyable for all ages.
halloween fundraising ideas

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