Does anyone want to buy a laptop? Turns out you all do!

Well maybe not all, but many. If there’s one trend we’re seeing as 2020 comes to a close it’s that a lot of campaigns are being launched to raise money for new technology, such as tablet computers and laptops.

Computers for School - Globe Primary

The Globe Primary raised over £10,000! That’s enough for 66 laptops!

“The devices will continue to be used for home learning, to teach the computing curriculum, to support our most vulnerable pupils and replace any old, outdated equipment we currently have in school.”

St Michaels School

Chrome Books Accessible for Everyone - St Michaels School

St Michaels School raised over £3,125!

“As you will know, one of the major limitations the school faced during lockdown in terms of its provision of online learning was that not all teachers have a school laptop. In order for all teachers to have their own laptops, several more need to be purchased.”

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Ernest Bevin College

Laptops for Life Chances - Ernest Bevin College

Ernest Bevin College raised over £1,500!

“During the summer term vulnerable pupils were invited into college for lessons and support, in addition to the education provided to Key Worker children and Year 10 and 12, as recommended by the Government.

While the Government scheme helped and was able to provide additional laptops and dongles to provide Wifi access, we still have children who are doing homework on their phones, sharing laptops with parents and siblings at home and so unable to access our learning platform and online resources.”