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GoodHub supporting local charities
GoodHub supporting sports fundraisers
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Our mission is to level up the playing field and change the mindset of giving in the UK, helping donors recognise the importance of supporting charities that are making a difference to the causes they care about.

We want to inspire people to think about how their support doesn’t just make a difference to the causes, initiatives and organisations they care about, but how it can make the MOST difference.

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Give Better

Give Better means charities, donors and fundraisers alike choosing the platform that delivers more of the funds raised to the frontline - and make a meaningful difference to the causes we all care about. Together, we can create a society where every act of giving counts, and where generosity and kindness are the norm.

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Levelling-Up (Charities and Non-profits)

Every charity and non-profit is welcome to be a part of the GoodHub community – not just those with deep pockets and lots of professional resource.

Whilst donations to UK charities and non-profits are increasing each year, we know that many organisations are getting left behind. This is particularly true for smaller charities and community organisations that often return more to society than Big Charity but the lack the communication and fundraising skills required to secure revenue in a digital age.

We believe that every charity and non-profit should have access to affordable online fundraising; we don’t charge a set-up fee or a subscription simply to raise funds on our platform – we never have, and we never will. Our payment processing fee is lower than most* platforms. Put together more of your donations and funds raised go directly to the frontline.

We level up the playing field

Every client gets access to our team of Client Success Managers at no extra cost, however much you raise. They’re real people, based in the UK and are on-hand to provide expert fundraising and communication advice at the end of a phone, or online. Try them out for yourself.

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The GoodHub Community – Be a part of it

Do you believe that when you donate or raise funds for the causes that you love to support, that more of it should go to the frontline? So we do we. Every charity or non-profit in the GoodHub community enjoys simple, fair fees and free professional support so donating or fundraising through GoodHub means that your contribution or effort doesn’t simply just make a difference – it makes the MOST difference.

Our vision is to create a culture of giving that is focused on real impact. We provide information about all our member charities and non-profits in your area that support the sort of projects and causes that you care about. You can check out their dedicated GoodHub page and find out how funds are used so that you can make an informed choice about exactly who to support to make the most impact.

Fundraising through GoodHub is free and easy

You can create your own fundraising page on behalf of the causes that you want in a matter of minutes. Find out more about how we help you to get fundraising fast

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We’re a dedicated bunch who just want to see charitable donations make the most difference possible.

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Recognising the charities who align with our vision, we have created the GoodHub community.

Those who meet the criteria will be given the permission to use our exclusive badge to signify their dedication to their chosen causes.

Championing charities and fundraisers alike who give better

Featured Charity

German Shepherd Rescue Elite Ltd

Formed with the aim of rescuing, re-homing, and educating people on the German Shepherd breed.

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Featured Fundraiser

Barry Kilby

Raising much needed funds for the Barry Kilby Prostate Cancer Appeal.

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Redefining what it means to give

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